February 22, 2013

Review: Hideout

Hideout by Gordon Korman

Griffin Bing, The Man with the Plan, is back for a 5th book, but this time he's up against his old nemesis, S. Wendell Palomino.  Yes, Swindle is back, looking to take Luthor the guard dog back to make money and crush the kids who ruined his life.

This novel brings back some of the fun in this series that has been missing. The gang is split among three different summer camps, and struggle to complete a plan with limited access to each other. Most of the characters grow and adapt as they deal with an impossible mission.

Fans of the series will love this title.  If you are new to this series, start with Swindle.  It's like Ocean's Eleven, only with 5th graders!

Until next time, bon voyage and happy reading.

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