July 13, 2012

Review: Ordinary Magic

Ordinary Magic by Caitlen Rubino-Bradway 
Imagine if you were the only "normal" person in a world filled with magic. That's the story in Ordinary Magic, where Abigail is an Ord, someone who cannot work magic even though everyone else in the world has magical ability. Unlike other families, Abby's chooses to keep her rather than sell her or disown her.  Her family sends her off to a school for Ords where her sister acts as a liaison to the king and she learns how to protect herself and function without magic. Once at the school, she must face Ord eating Redcaps, and adventurers who want to make them into slaves.
I recommend this book to all fans of the fantasy genre, as this one turns it on it's head. The book was funny and exciting at the same time and kept you reading. I wanted to read more about Abby when I had finished the book, and it's perfectly set up for a sequel (it ends in a cliffhanger). Be careful as there are some slightly scary scenes in the book.
This review is based on a publisher supplied electronic copy.
Until next time, bon voyage and happy reading! 

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