July 2, 2012

Review: Fall Mixed Up

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka

Okay, I know it's summer, but I have written this review about four times and accidentally deleted it every time. I want to get it posted before I lose it again!

Every page of this picture book has many fall mix ups that readers will need to look carefully at and even re-read to spot them all. For example, it begins, "Every Septober, Every Octember, Fall fills my senses with scenes to remember." This was a fun, quick read (even spotting the errors was quick and easy) that younger children will enjoy, especially if they are fans of I Spy or other books to find things. Raczka's illustrations bring to life the mixed up world his words paint. I recommend this picture book for all readers.

This review is based on a publisher supplied electronic copy.

Until next time, bon voyage and happy reading!

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