April 30, 2012

I tried!

I am, admittitedly, a fan of Rockstar (so nicknamed by School Library Journal, I believe) Rick Riordan. The fact that this excellent author is writing 2 series at the same time is nothing short of amazing. When the first book in his Kane series came out last year, I read it. I really enjoyed the interaction between brother and sister Carter and Sadie. However, I just couldn't get into all the strange Egyptian mythology.  Not like I was able to get into the Percy Jackson series.  

A few weeks ago, I really, really, really, really tried to read the second book, Throne of Fire. But by the third chapter I gave up and began book three of the NERDs series. Am I a bad person for this? I really want to like the Kane books, but alas cannot.


Until next time, bon voyage and happy reading!